While we’ve always been a faith-based group, we’ve never believed in proselytizing. The roots of Advent House are in Westminster Presbyterian Church, and that’s still the place we call home. However, the programs draw on the entire community for support. That community includes a number of Christian churches, the Hindu temple and one of the Jewish synagogues, as well as community groups. We all share a common belief and commitment to helping our fellow man.

We began over 20 years ago as a church outreach called Community Outreach Neighborhood Activities (CONA). We began our outreach efforts in the northwest section of Lansing, as the needs of the urban poor gained recognition. We initially offered a Saturday lunch meal for the needy, after-school programs for children and youth and weekly meetings of a "Golden Group" for older community residents. In 1987, this outreach effort was incorporated as a separate nonprofit organization called Advent House Ministries.

As the needs of the homeless and impoverished have changed and become more apparent over time, we have responded and expanded to meet those needs. We have continually evolved since our inception to always bring aid to the needy in a timely and effective manner. It is our hope and aim to use our programs to provide respite from life’s struggles and create opportunities for children and adults to fulfill their potential.