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The AHM Literacy Program includes an outreach to children and their families who come to our Weekend Day Shelter. Each year, we work with over 400 children, providing recreational and learning activities each Saturday and Sunday. We also send more than 30 children to a wonderful week away at summer camp, giving each one an experience and memories to create a brighter future.

Children Activities Banner

Children Activities Banner

*Actual person’s name not used to protect privacy.

For a child growing up without a home, the world can look pretty small and gray. Homelessness and poverty affect over 51 percent of the children in our community. Marcel* is one of those children. His family struggles with all the issues of poverty every day. But, this past summer, he had a chance to open the door to another world filled with hope – he went away for an amazing week at Camp Greenwood.

On the drive to camp, as the city faded in the distance and sunny fields and wooded hills rolled by, Marcel watched quietly. Some sights were too wonderful to simply observe. “Look! There’re horses!” he’d exclaim. “Wow! Are those cows? Is that a real farm?” And then, in a very small voice, “It’s so beautiful.”

At the end of a week of camp, our volunteer driver picked up Marcel and asked if he was ready to go home. Marcel said, “I kinda missed my family. But I don’t really want to leave … Can I come back here again?” The volunteer reassured Marcel that Advent House would find a way to get him to camp again next summer.

Every year, Advent House Ministries sends children away to Camp Greenwood, in Gowen, Michigan. This past summer we provided 29 children with an amazing and memorable week of hope and joy. This program is made possible by the donations of our supporters, who understand how important it is to have wonderful memories of childhood summers.

When we send a child to camp, we supply all that they need, including basic items that their families are not able to supply, such as clothing, shoes, sleeping bags, towels, etc., as well as transporting each child to and from camp. The cost of sending one child to summer camp for a week is $350. Your generous support of this effort can make a world of difference to a child – and open a world of hope. For more information, call Susan Cancro at 517-485-4722.